Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Policies

Our corporate governance policies and practices are reviewed regularly by our Board of Directors and updated as necessary or advisable.  Our corporate governance practices are in compliance with all applicable rules and substantially comply with all applicable policies and guidelines, including those of the Canadian Securities Administrators.  The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is built around the first value in our longstanding and regularly reported Guiding Principles – “honesty and integrity are essential in all our relationships and will never be compromised”.

Set out below is Fairfax’s corporate governance documentation:

Anti-Corruption Policy
Audit Committee Charter
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Compensation Committee Charter
Corporate Governance Guidelines (including the Mandate of the Board of Directors)
Governance and Nominating Committee Charter
Majority Voting Policy
Whistleblower Policy

Articles and By-Laws

Corporate Articles
Please download our complete set of Articles, including amendments: Fairfax Articles

Corporate By-Laws
Please download our corporate By-Laws: Fairfax By-Laws