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The RiverStone Group is a leading insurance services provider specializing in the management of legacy and run-off insurance businesses and portfolios. Offering a concentration of complex claims management expertise in one place, RiverStone employs over 330 skilled and tenured professionals, who provide ownership, accountability, and commitment to ensure transaction security and maintain sellers' reputations.

RiverStone companies operate globally across multiple offices and affiliates spread throughout the U.S. serving sophisticated commercial and institutional customers across the U.S., Canada; and Europe through strategic advisory services, insurance and reinsurance claim assessments, and litigation and dispute resolution.

At year-end 2020, the RiverStone Group had $506 million of shareholders' equity and $2.0 billion of gross insurance liabilities under management.

The RiverStone Group includes TIG Insurance Company, TIG Insurance (Barbados) Limited, Resolution Group Reinsurance (Barbados) Limited and St. John's Insurance Company Limited.

RiverStone is led by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nick Bentley. Nick has been with Fairfax since 1998.

Head Office

RiverStone Resources LLC
250 Commercial Street
Suite 5000
Manchester, NH 03101

Tel: 603-656-2200
Email: info@trg.com

See www.trg.com for more information.