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The RiverStone Group is comprised of insurance, reinsurance, and service companies specializing in the acquisition and management of non-core commercial and captive insurance liabilities. With a team of skilled and tenured professionals, we provide ownership, accountability, and commitment in our aim to ensure transaction security and maintain clients' reputations. It's not just what we do at RiverStone that matters, but how we do it. We are dedicated to responsible run-off solutions.

Our operations have over 350 employees experienced in handling all major property & casualty insurance and reinsurance lines of business and loss types including, but not limited to employer/professional liability, workers' compensation, general liability, medical malpractice, commercial and personal auto, asbestos, pollution and health hazard.

For over 20 years, RiverStone has been part of the insurance and reinsurance operations of Fairfax. Originally managing only Fairfax legacy business, RiverStone now operates as a full-service run-off provider, acquiring traditional and captive insurance companies and reinsurance portfolios.

At year-end 2021, the RiverStone Group had $2.8 billion in assets, $2.3 billion of gross insurance liabilities under management, and $0.4 billion of shareholders' equity.

Since 2008, RiverStone has been led by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nick Bentley. Nick has been with Fairfax since 1998.

The RiverStone Group includes TIG Insurance Company, Resolution Group Reinsurance (Barbados) Limited, RiverStone Captive Insurance Company Limited, and third-party claims handling and administration through RiverStone Services LLC.

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RiverStone Resources LLC
250 Commercial Street
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Tel: 603-656-2200
Email: info@trg.com

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