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Fairfax Announces Early Redemption of Notes Due May 15, 2021


(All dollar amounts in this announcement are expressed in U.S. dollars)

TORONTO, May 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited (“Fairfax”) (TSX:FFH) (TSX:FFH.U) announces that, on June 15, 2018, it is redeeming all of its outstanding 5.80% Senior Notes due May 15, 2021 (the “Notes”) at a redemption price to be calculated on June 12, 2018 in accordance with the terms of the Notes, plus accrued and unpaid interest. There is $500 million principal amount of Notes currently outstanding.

Questions on the redemption may be directed to The Bank of New York Mellon, as follows:

The Bank of New York Mellon
101 Barclay Street
New York, NY  10286
Direct Dial: (212) 815-2719 | Facsimile: (724) 540-6328

Fairfax is a holding company which, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in property and casualty insurance and reinsurance and investment management.

For further information, contact: John Varnell, Vice President, Corporate Development, at
  (416) 367-4941